Rural Crescent – Does it have a viable future?

Rural Crescent

Went to a meeting about the Rural Crescent last evening. Was an education. Got to hear differing views: farm families that are unhappy with current policy (it severely depresses their worth if they should sell), current policy is supposed to prop up farming but does just the opposite, and PWC Gov has no staff member responsible for agricultural issues. There are numerous environmental issues and there are many tools (fiscal strategies) that PWC should probably be using but isn’t — but other counties are and are reporting general success.

2013 PWC rural crescent study

Throughout the discussions, the future of Woodbridge kept popping up. It seems that economic and neighborhood development of Woodbridge needs to be an essential component of keeping the Rural Crescent rural as PWC adds 100,000 new residents over the next 10 years. If we do not develop, or over develop the Rural Crescent, then all of these new PWC citizens need somewhere to live and to work. Woodbridge seems to be the right location due to transportation connectivity, its appropriateness for redevelopment (no longer a commercial hub; lots of developed idle space that can be redeveloped), and its proximity to jobs (not in our county, so access to transportation is essential).

It is complicated. Lots to learn and to think about.

Am adding ‘Rural Crescent’ to my Top 10 list of things to learn more about when it comes to PWC.

– Bill Golden

Crowded Classrooms and no money to fix, but $2.5M for lights on sportsfields?

Crowded Classrooms = No Money?

$2.5M to be spent on lighting school sports fields?!

There are some folks upset that the PWC schools keep finding money for nice-to-have and good-to-have, but non-essential things: an inexpensive pool inside of a new high school, neon informational billboard signs at entrances to schools, lights for sports fields, etc.

March 11th - Item #5I on the BOCS Consent Agenda/Budget Amendments – The Department of Parks and Recreation will ask the PWC BOCS to transfer $2.5M for the lighting of several middle schools sports fields.

What has some folks upset is that our classrooms are stuffed and classroom size is huge throughout the county.

? What not spend the money for some more teachers, some ask?

Yin and Yang

An appropriate counterargument would be: If the $2.5M were coming directly from the school budget then PWCS should be hauled up front and made to explain some things as to classroom size. However, it isn’t. The money is coming from Parks and Recreation — which has plenty of public sports fields without lights.

The $2.5M is being transferred from the Park’s fund to cover field lighting. School grounds are/have been part of the public park system in PWC for a long time.

However, if $2.5M is being spent from the Parks fund to light fields then what level of access  will the PWC public get to these fields? How will organizations and sports clubs go about getting access to their ‘parks’ with lighted sports fields?

Bill Golden

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Tenth Congressional District will hold two GOP candidate debates – NEXT March 15th, Winchester

The Tenth Congressional District will hold two GOP candidate debates.

The first debate will occur on March 15, 2014 at Millbrook High School in Winchester, Virginia. Details are below. The second debate will occur on April 9 at River Bend Middle School in Sterling, Virginia. Details of the second debate are still being finalized and will be released later.

Candidates and their names and contact information are listed below in the order in which they will appear on the ballot (which was determined by random draw):

Delegate Barbara Comstock
Campaign Manager: Susan Falconer
Telephone: (703) 868-2429

Howie Lind
Campaign Manager: Howie Morgan
Telephone: (662) 832-8882

Stephen Hollingshead
Campaign Manager: Luke Mahoney
Telephone: (757) 353-7058

Marc Savitt
Campaign Manager: Tim Price
Telephone: (540) 550-4496

Rob Wasinger
Campaign Manager: Michael Cogar
Telephone: (571) 251-3830

Delegate Bob Marshall
Campaign Manager:
Telephone: (703) 853-4213

Sunday – 10AM – BlogTalkRadio – Local Manassas Blogger Phillip Joy discusses the situation in Ukraine

Local Manassas Conservative Blogger Phillip Joy will discuss today (Sunday, March 2nd) on The Meter the continuing crises in Ukraine as Russian president Vladimir Putin ignores U.S. President Barack Obama’s warning that there will be a "cost" for his actions as Russia’s military expands operations in The Crimea and now into eastern Ukraine which is pro-Russian.

From Phillip’s perspective: This is happening just as the Obama administration announced massive cuts in US forces and proclaims that America can no long count on dominating the Seas and Skies. So is this the appropriate course of action for America’s defense? Also, on the domestic front President Obama announces a plan called My Brother’s Keeper to help disadvantaged black and Hispanic youths in the 6th year of his historic administration. Please join the discussion at 10:00 AM. Your input is

10 of Bill Golden’s favorite employment news websites

by Bill Golden

10 Sources of high quality information about Jobs and Business trends:

– When collecting news to share, always try to focus on next week and the future. Talking about today and yesterday should only be discussed when it has some relevance to the future.

  • USATodayview
    – Serious jobs trends; stuff that affects ‘USA’
  • AOL Jobsview
    – Often a good place for crazy news
  • MarketWatch- view
    – Financial markets-driven news
  • U.S. Newsview
    – Issues in the labor and employment market
  • Federal Dailyview
    – Issues, topics and trends within the federal workforce
  • Federal Timesview
    – More federal jobs news, but focuses more heavily on changes in technology and the impact on employment.
  • Science Daily Newsview

    – How much or little is your science and non-IT technical degree worth? What is hot and (pinch your nose) not?!

  • Atlantic Magazineview

    – Business, employment and ethical/philosophy views on interpreting the news.

  • BBC Businessview
    – World economic news from a non-American viewpoint.
  • BLS / Bureau of Labor Statisticsview
    – Official U.S. Government statistical data on employment. Tons of info, but you often must ask questions or understand certain concepts for the information to make sense.

There are other sources that I also regularly use (Bureau of Economic Analyses, The Economist, Washington Post Wonkblog, etc.) but these are 10 of my daily favorites.

? What are your favorites? Please drop me a line and tell me. Am always looking for new sources of quality business, employment and jobs news.

Best regards,

Bill Golden




Feb 14 / 3:30pm / PWC Courthouse Rally – Marriage Equality

Peaceful rally and witness for love — Bull Run Unitarian Universalists and People of Faith for Equality in Virginia Coalition plan a demonstration in support of marriage equality for GLBT persons in front of the Prince William County Courthouse today, Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 at 3:30 pm in Manassas.

For more information, please contact Rev. Greg Ward at 703-361-6269, revgreg. Interested attendees can also visit one of the Facebook pages that have been set up for the event, at More information about the People of Faith for Equality in Virginia (POFEV) Coalition can be found at

Feb 22nd Public Meeting re Geisler property (Rt 234 and Hoadly Rd)

The Geisler property rezoning issue has resurfaced and the attorney for the developer (through Mr. Nohe’s office) has called a last minute public meeting on Saturday, February 22nd at 9:30am at the Cole Fire House.

View Larger Map

About this project

This is an application to develop a parcel of land near the corner of Rt. 234 and Hoadly Road. It is approximately 9 acres and is currently zoned A-1, which in this case means it has never been rezoned since the county Comprehensive Plan was initiated. The front part of the parcel carries the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) Long Range Future Land Use Classification (“FLUC”), while the rear portion of the Property is located in the Semi-Rural Residential Future Land Use Classification.

The purpose of the NC classification is to provide commercial areas to serve the surrounding residential neighborhoods. The purpose of the SRR classification is to provide for areas where a wide range of larger lot residential development can occur, as a transition between the largest lot residential development in the rural area of the County and the more dense residential development found in the developed areas of the County. Residential development in the SRR areas occur as single- family dwellings at a density of one dwelling per 1 to 5 gross acres, with an average density of 2.5 acres per dwelling.

Learn more: Mid County Civic Association

Happy with PWC school class sizes?

The Prince William Education Association of Manassas is petitioning the Prince William County School Board and Board of County Supervisors to develop and to implement a practical long-term strategy to significantly reduce class sizes in PWCS.

You can join their petition online at

Scott Lingamfelter’s efforts pay off in Richmond on Ethics Reform

Today, the Virginia House of Delegates passed a bipartisan, comprehensive ethics reform bill by a vote of 98 to 1, with Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R-31, Prince William and Fauquier) voting to support the legislation. House Bill 1211, which Lingamfelter co-patroned, would significantly reform and update Virginia’s ethics, transparency and disclosure laws. The bill imposes a $250 gift cap, creates a statewide ethics advisory council, updates and modernizes several aspects of Virginia’s financial disclosure system and implements a mandatory training requirement for elected officials.

In response to the passage of the bill, Lingamfelter released the following statement:

“The goal of this process was to enact substantive reforms to correct the issues we have seen in the Commonwealth recently and begin the process of restoring the trust between our elected representatives and the citizens we are honored to serve. Both Republicans and Democrats came together to accomplish this goal, and the countless hours spent crafting this legislation have resulted in a considerable step forward to strengthen accountability and increase transparency. Recognizing an issue, bringing all sides to the table to resolve that issue, and crafting meaningful legislation which passes with nearly unanimous support- that is the “Virginia Way”.”

For more information on House Bill 1211, please visit this weblink.

Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers – Washington DC

Since it began in 1995, the Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers has brought together over 900 teachers from across the country to convene in Washington, D.C., for six days of educational activities related to teaching about the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Institute is co-sponsored by the Supreme Court Historical Society.

As a teacher, learn how to get involved.